Quinoa salad

Will you agree with me if I tell you that in today’s world we are flooded with choices in every area of our life? Then why is it a surprise that we end up making more wrong ones than right? Well, the times were simpler earlier and there was not much that needed people to shuffle around I their brains whereas now the simple task of placing an order at a restaurant can leave a few of us rattled since the choices seem limitless. In such a haphazard world, where do we stand a chance to evaluate every eating item against the scale of health?

More often than not, we end up simply following what our parents taught us and keep vary of new choices. Although this is a good strategy in general, it can also have an adverse effect if you limit your choices in eating. There is a lot of healthy food options available now than before and we have to wide our acceptance gaze for the sake of our health. The biggest such change that I brought to my own life and changed the way my family ate before this is introducing various forms of quinoa salad in our diets.