Pain in the left side

If you have developed, noticed or experienced any pain in the left side of your body, a good thing to do will be to do or get done a proper diagnosis of the problem causing the pain. It could be the pain in your head, signaling a migraine or in the chest region signaling a deadly heart attack. The major reason to single out the pain in left side of the body is because heart lies on the left and most of the pains, especially in jaw line, arm, and chest region can be an indication of a problem which might escalate to a heart attack. It is always wise to read up and have proper information.

Many times the heart diseases are hereditary in nature, so, it is better to be aware of any such history in your family to be better prepared. If such history does exist for you, you need to be extra careful about the pains as I mentioned above. Given the seriousness, let us not get carried away though. Many times it can be a simple case of heart burn so make sure you understand your symptoms clearly and properly before relying on any medication.