Magnetic paint

After her clay and chalkboard, the next and the most recent addition to the list of top favorites of my little niece is the magnetic paint. It is basically a primer rather than paint although it is available in different colors too. But if you have an already painted wall and you want to turn it magnetic, you can simple apply the coats of this latex primer to let the magic begin. She loves collecting the magnetic articles and objects that she can use to build games on a wall and have a fun time with her friends.

I believe it is her favorite because it is something that she has and no other of her friends has it. She has become quite famous and has made a lot of friends who know her as the girl who has a magic wall. She ahs asked me to not exactly divulge the secret to the kids although when their parents call, I have to tell them unless they thing we are casting a spell or something. Now, that would be something. This is a great thing to peek the creative instincts and interests of kid sat your hoe too. Based on my own experience, I can say that you should definitely try it for yourself.