Beaded curtains

One home decoration piece with which you can never go wrong is beaded curtains. The thing I most love about this element of decoration is that you can use it as a curtain, as a divider or even as a highlighter of a lone window or an awkward door. The awkwardness of the door will be absorbed by the beauty of the curtain. If you are a party lover and usually host a lot of parties at your place, you can choose to highlight or separate a part of your living room just like the VIP section at clubs. This will make for the perfect party corner in your house.

Make them match the disco lights or choose a shimmery color that simply reflects off the party lights and makes your whole place magical. So, you can have the amazing discotheque fun at a very cheap price in the comfort and safety of your own home. Many people complain that the beads lack the opaqueness and thus do not form for perfect curtains. But the knowledge bit that these folks are missing is that beads of a certain size and texture can actually turn dark with light and make it difficult to see through.