Why Get a Job?

As a teenager, people constantly tell you to get a job. They give you various reasons, but in the end you’re still confused about it and you might still be wondering: what’s in it for me?

Well first of all, a job can make things easier for your wallet. While it has no fancy paycheck that comes along, jobs for teenagers can give you more opportunities to spend your money. If you’ve been longing to buy that skateboard or that awesome prom dress and your parents won’t allow you, a job is the next best thing you can do. And what about those tuition fees that’s been bugging you? You can start supporting yourself by paying your tuition fees and buying your own school stuff.

A job can also give you a new set of skills. If you’ve never washed a single plate in your life, you’d soon learn how when you apply to be a dishwasher. You may not know the difference between a chicken casserole and a roasted chicken before, but working in a restaurant would be able to fix that. Working in a hardware store could enhance your mechanical skills and grilling burgers would increase your cooking skills. Simply beneficial, isn’t it?